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Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard is a tool that will assist you setting the Gain, Threshold, Shield and Calibration.  

The configuration of thesesettings is required to have touchrecognition.

This feature is available on these products:

  • Skin Ultra (Firmware 2.0 or above)
  • Skin Fit (Firmware 2.0 or above)

The ‘Configuration Wizard’ was developed to analyze and to configure the Touch Sensor and the Touch Controller parameters. It helps you to achieve a configuration based on objective data and not on subjective user input. It can always be reviewed by the user.

The ‘Configuration Wizard’ currently is only recommended for a regular setup, one LCD and one Skin Touch Sensor.

This process follows the following six steps:

  1. Touch Controller: verifies sensor signal, sensor matrix and identifies the Displax product;
  2. Sensor Scan: verifies the sensor integrity and checks if the FFCs are properly connected;
  3. EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference): checks the electromagnetic interference level that may exist between the LCD and the sensor active area;
  4. Display: variations in the intensity of light are displayed to analyze the electromagnetic interferences and find an appropriate shielding level;
  5. Touch Sensor: establishes a relation between the analyzed data and the touch contact, in order to select the best Gain, Threshold and Shielding level;
  6. Calibration: calibration process to match the physical touch with the Operating System digital coordinates.

Please check the following video to see how to use the ‘Configuration Wizard’:

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