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The Shield feature

If you are experiencing difficulties achieving a good touch experience due to high electromagnetic interference levels, activate the Shield button.

We can say that we have electromagnetic interferences when we have visible gray dots along the Touch Sensor boarders or spread over the Touch Sensor active area.

Shielding level: adjusts the level of shielding. Ranges between 1 and 6, with 6 being the strongest shielding level. The shielding level should be maintained as low as possible.

As you increase the Shielding level, you are reducing the electromagnetic interferences. The gray dots tend to disappear with increases in the shielding level. As a consequence, the touch recognition may be deteriorated. However, increasing the Shielding level may be required to avoid false touches.

Note 1: You only should activate this feature after the Gain and Threshold values adjusted.

Note 2: You only should use this feature if you figure out the electromagnetic interference level is affecting the touch performance and/or creating false touches.

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