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Upgrade the Touch Controller Firmware

There are two options to change the Firmware of the Displax Touch Controller:

New Firmware version notification 

New versions of the Touch Controller Firmware may be available in time.

This feature is available for Windows 8 (or higher), OS X (Yosemite or higher) & Ubuntu (14.04 LTS or higher).

If a new firmware version is available, the user will receive a notification.

This notification will be shown on the right side of the control panel.

If you click on the update notification, a window with a description of the updates will be displayed.

Check how the update process proceeds: 

If the Touch Controller firmware update is taking more than five minutes to proceed, it might mean that something went wrong as a consequence of incorrect cables connection, internet connection failure or other problem. In this case, you should close the control panel and should also disconnect the Touch Controller USB cable. Then, you have to reconnect the Touch Controller USB cable and restart the Touch Controller firmware update process from the beginning as presented on this page.
If for some reason the touch controller firmware update crashes, the following image will be shown. If it is shown, you should click on “Update” to move this process forward.

Load Firmware from a File

This feature is available when there is no Internet access onsite. If you have Internet access you won’t need to use this feature, because Displax Connect will automatically check your Firmware version and let you know if there is any update. 

This feature is used only if you have a Touch Controller Firmware file and can only be used on macOS (Yosemite or higher versions), Ubuntu (14.04 or higher versions), and Windows 8/10 (Windows 7 doesn't support this procedure) .

The firmware files can only be provided by Displax on request.

While performing the upload, ensure you do not remove the USB cable and do not perform any other action while the firmware is being uploaded into the Touch Controller.

How to upload a Firmware file:

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