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Starting out with Displax

Welcome to Displax! 

We are so happy to have you here and help you getting started with the Displax Touch Sensors.

Each of the following steps will walk you through the basics:

Step 1: How to unpack the Touch Sensor

How to unpack any DISPLAX Skin showing all the contents inside.

Step 2: How to test the Displax Touch Sensor before lamination

This procedure can be very useful when you want to test the surface where you are going to do the lamination in order to identify possible problems with any kind of conductive materials.

Step 3: How to laminate a Displax Touch Sensor

Tools and Materials

  • Good quality squeegee
  • Mix of water and soap (10% soap + 90% water)
  • Spray bottle
  • Alcohol

Lamination process for Skin Fit and Skin Dualtouch

Lamination process for Skin Ultra

Step 4: How to integrate a Displax Touch Sensor with a LCD

Step 5: How to fine tune a Displax Touch Sensor

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