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Touch Operation Mode

By default, the Displax Touch Controllers are automatically defined with the correct touch mode for each operating system. There are three possible modes to be defined:

  • Mouse emulation (0)
  • Single Touch (1)
  • Multitouch (2)

If for some reason there is the need to force this mode just follow these steps in any of the supported operating system.

  • To check what is the actual mode that is defined
skin -dmode
  • To set the Touch Controller to mouse emulation
skin -dmode 0 perm -ssave
  • To set the Touch Controller to Single Touch
skin -dmode 1 perm -ssave
  • To set the Touch Controller to Multitouch
skin -dmode 2 perm -ssave
  • If you want to allow the Touch Controller to define this mode automatically just run
  skin -dmode 2 raw -ssave -dreset