All Displax products offer the end users the possibility to activate the TUIO protocol, allowing them to get over the network values:

  • X coordinate
  • Y coordinate
  • Pressure Sensing (only for Displax Skin Ultra);

To activate TUIO follow the next steps:

  1. Be sure you are on the location of Displax Connect installation
  2. Start the TUIO server:
  • DEVICE_SERIAL_NUMBER : controller serial number
  • tctlrc 1 : this parameter(-tctlrc 1) allows the use of TUIO events with actual geometric calibration values (or – ‘0’ defined not to use the actual geometric calibration values)
  • IP_ADDRESS : the IP of the computer you wish to send the TUIO events (localhost
  • PORT : port you want to use to send the TUIO events (default 3333)


skin -d 020201000033 -tctlrc 1 -tuio

Important: TUIO should only be configured when all settings are correctly adjusted and geometric calibration is performed, do not perform the calibration with the TUIO activated.

TUIO limitations

  1. Windows: Once the Board has been reset or unplugged, then you should restart TUIO, otherwise TUIO events will stop being sent to the host. But if you shutdown or restart the computer the TUIO will automatically start and there is no need to perform the this step;
  2. Configuring: TUIO should be configured after configuring all touch settings (Gain, Threshold, calibration and so on);
  3. It’s recommended to stop sending TUIO events before uninstalling ‘Displax Connect’;
  4. If you have a limited Windows account you should start TUIO as Administrator;
  5. When TUIO is started the Touch Representation in Displax Connect (touch blobs) can get inverted although this doesn’t affect Geometric Calibration;