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When you have multiple units of an identical setup it is useful to save the touch controller settings to upload them in other setups. It can also be useful to save the touch controller settings, in case someone changes the configuration parameters, if this happens you can upload the saved settings to restore the configuration.
When you save the touch controller parameters, from your current setup, the following settings will be saved:

• Touch status (enabled/disabled);
• Gain (values 0 – 7);
• Threshold (Values vary between 0 and 50 starting on firmware version 1.5.0, and between 0 and 15 on firmware versions equal or previous to 1.4.0);
• Shield level;
• Palm detection status and palm rejection area values (Feature not available in Skin Dualtouch);
• Disabled columns, rows or cells;
• Number of touches;
• Geometric Calibration.

When you LOAD the file into a new setup (PC + display + Skin product, either Skin Ultra, Skin Fit or Skin Dualtouch), ‘DISPLAX Connect’ will assume the values of the previous setup. It is recommended reviewing the touch performance of every setup to verify if additional configuration adjustments are required.
Bear in mind that this feature should be used with equivalent setups, i.e. same LCD, glass thickness and size, sensor size and air gap.
It is recommended, shortly after loading the settings file, to restart the Touch Controller.

Save Settings to a File

Load Settings from a File