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Touch Test

This feature provides more data than other mechanisms of test and it is conveniently integrated with the DISPLAX Connect software.
Depending on the PC specifications and the Skin product you have, there are some features that may not be available, namely:

• Pressure report (Not available in Skin Fit and Skin Dualtouch)
• Touch coordinates
• Number of touches (Skin Ultra: up to 100 touches; Skin Fit: up to 40 touches; Skin Dualtouch: up to two touches)
• Multiple devices input

Notice that OS X will only work with a single touch due to OS limitations.
To access this feature click on the ‘Touch test’ button, or hit the keyboard key ‘C’.
Touch test app representation:

Number of touches being reported, i.e. “Touches 2 / 24”, means that 2 touches are currently being recognized, from a total of 24 touches already reported since the last “Auto clear”
Pressure (only available in Skin Ultra): enable or disable the touch pressure representation. Pressure units depend on the OS:

• ‘Windows’ represents pressure between 0~1024
• ‘Linux’ represents pressure 0~1
• ‘Mac OS’ pressure is not represented

If enable the drawn touches will be cleared in about 5 seconds since the last touch recognition, making the Touch Test screen clear of all previous touches and the touch counter is reset. If deactivated, the drawn touches will remain on the displayed screen until you touch the button ‘Clear’
Clears the screen by deleting all the drawn lines and resets the touch counter;
Closes the Touch Test application

When touching the Touch Sensor area, the first five touches will be represented with their respective identification, coordinates and pressure if enabled (Pressure is only reported in Skin Ultra).
In the touch test application, pressure is graphically represented with a thinner or thicker line depending on the pressure applied on the touch sensor.

Touch test version 1.13 onwards accepts multiple devices input, distinguishing device inputs with the ID first two digits, the remaining digits refer to the touch ID identification number (the type of product conditions the number of devices input). Skin Dualtouch can only report two devices since it is limited to report two touches).

1 – MAC OS pressure is not supported and only the mouse is recognized.
2 – If the touch injection is disabled when using multiple devices at the same time, one of the devices will not have touch, the touch should be enabled in all devices first and then you can enter in Touch test.
3 – When opening the Touch Test application if multiple touches have been detected, possibly due to high levels of electromagnetic interferences, a warning message will be displayed. (This feature does not apply to Skin Dualtouch which only reports two simultaneous touches).