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Stand-by, ON/OFF

If this is the first time configuring the Touch Controller, before closing ‘DISPLAX Connect’ make sure that the Touch Injection status is set to ON (it is set to OFF from factory), otherwise the touch controller won’t be processing the touch signals after closing the ‘DISPLAX Connect’.

If the touch injection was set into ‘ON’ in the first configuration before closing the Touch Controller, then when you re-open ‘DISPLAX Connect’, the Touch injection status will be set into STAND-BY. In this case, you can leave it in that position, as touch injection is automatically enabled (set to ON) when you close ‘DISPLAX Connect’.

Resuming, the touch is temporally disabled when opening the ‘DISPLAX Connect’. This way, if you want to adjust a setting you will be able to do it without the touch is active. When you close ‘DISPLAX Connect’ the touch injection will be automatically re-enabled and the STAND-BY status will change to ON. This stand-by status is only active when ‘DISPLAX Connect’ is open.

If you want to disable this feature, meaning the Touch button status do not change automatically and stays the same, do not matter if you open the ‘DISPLAX Connect’ software, you can disable it unchecking the Stand-by button:

Please note that ‘DISPLAX Connect’ should only be open when configuration changes are being made. When you conclude the Touch Controller settings adjustment, you must close it. Leaving it open decreases the touch speed.
All settings are stored on the Touch Controller, so once configured for a particular LCD/glass/air gap combination you can change the computer without affecting the touch setup.