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Advanced Calibration – Drag mode

One of the possible uses for the ‘Advanced calibration’ drag mode is when the active Touch Sensor area is smaller than the LCD.

The ‘DISPLAX Connect’ control panel will be displayed on the entire LCD screen, but since the Touch Sensor is smaller than the LCD you must define the area which is being covered by the Touch Sensor.

To start the calibration process of custom areas, click on the ‘Drag mode’ button. The one containing a squared drawing and an arrow.

Immediately after clicking on the ‘Drag mode’ button a message will be displayed ‘Please select the area’.

To select the area, click on the left button of the mouse at one of the Touch Sensor active upper corners, and then move the cursor on the diagonal towards the opposite lower corner of the Touch Sensor active grid. When you start selecting the area, you will notice a transition from a red area into a green area. A red area means that the area is too small for calibration.

When the selected area is enough to be calibrated, the selected area turns green.

>After lifting the finger from the left mouse button, an instruction message and four calibration points will be displayed – ‘To start calibration, touch on the target until it disappears. Repeat the process for the remaining points’.

By touching the displayed targets, you will be defining the Touch Sensor active area.

Note: When selecting a calibration area, an error message may be displayed ‘The selected area is invalid, please select again’.

This message can be displayed if you draw a very small area, in that case a red rectangle will be displayed which will be immediately followed by the above error message.