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Advanced Calibration – Several points

When a single sensor is used on top of a smaller LCD/Screen you may need to use more than 4 calibration points in order to calibrate the points inside of the Touch Sensor active area.

Or when a single sensor is used on top of two or more LCDs, to overcome the bezel between the LCDs you may have to use more than 4 calibration points.

You can use 9, 16, 25 or 36 calibration points.

To open the ‘Advanced geometric calibration’ click on the ‘+’ button and more calibration points will me available.

You can now select the number of calibration points.

When you select the number of calibration points, they will be shown on all LCDs in use. The optimal calibration is the one in which the points on the different LCDs are positioned almost in the same relative position on the different LCDs. The user should assess which combination of points (9, 16, 25 or 36) offers a closer equidistance of points between the two or more LCDs in order to obtain an optimal sensor calibration.

After selecting the number of calibration points a black screen with the chosen calibration points will be displayed and an instruction will be presented ‘To start calibration, touch on the target until it disappears. Repeat the process for the remaining points’.

If some calibration targets are shown split between two or more LCDs, those calibration targets must be jumped (see example 1 and 2). Perform calibration point by point as normal, and when you arrive to a split calibration point press space to jump it. Then you can calibrate that point and continue with the calibration. Perform this action every time a calibration point is split between 2 displays.

Example 1 – one Touch Sensor on top of 2 LCDs

In this scenario, we may have calibration points split between the bezel of two LCDs.

Example 2 – one Touch Sensor on top of 4 LCDs

Make sure you touch on the target center.

The geometric calibration is successful if all targets have disappeared. If one calibration target fails, after about 2 seconds, it will reaper.

After touching all targets, the Touch Sensor will be calibrated.