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Calibrate – 2 or more Tile units

The process of calibrating 2 Tile units would be exactly no matter how Tile units you are using (Videowall mode).

The example used on this document is taking in consideration 3 Tile units working as a Videowall.

First, you need to select the Tile you want to calibrate, we advise you to start the first one on the left. For that use the left panel with the Touch Controller serial numbers to select the correct Tile unit. Then go to the calibration menu.

On the calibration, menu click on the “plus” button.

Then click on the Drag mode button.

All the Tiles/Displays will show the calibration screen. You need to use the mouse to draw a rectangle smaller than the active area of the Tile unit you are calibrating like is demonstrated in the following picture.

Importante: the calibration area should be smaller the Tile active area.

The next step should be touching the four calibration points, each one per time, starting on the point number one. Touch it and only lift your finger when the green circle finishes.

Once you finish, you just need to repeat the process for the remaining Tile units. Selecting the Tile on the left panel of the Displax Connect, proceeding to the drag mode calibration, draw the calibration area and finally calibrate touching the 4 calibration points.