When I use two or more Tile units together, how many touch point do I have?

You will have 100 touch points per Tile unit, up to a maximum amount of 254 touches (in total). The 254 touches is a limitation for Windows 10. In other Operating Systems, it may vary accordingly their specifications.

The Tile can be used as a single unit, Videowall, and Table?

Yes! You can use the Tile as:

  • a single Touch screen unit in Landscape or Portrait;
  • many Tile units working as a big Videowall;
  • as a single unit like a table in Landscape or Portrait;
  • many Tile units working together as a big table

How many TAGs I can use for Object Recognition?

You can use up to 6 TAGs per Tile unit. If you have, for example, two Tile units, you can use 6 different TAGs for each Tile unit, in a total of 12 TAGs (2 X 6)

USB HUBs will not work?

We do not recommend the use of USB HUBs as they can cause power and USB communication instabilities over time. In the alternative, you should use USB active extensions and/or USB expansion boards (for the computer)