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Daisy Chain more than 4 units

If you have more than 4 Tile units and want to use the Daisy Chain connectivity mode, you have only one option: connect branches of 4 units in Daisy Chain mode and each branch connects to an output of your graphic card.
With this option, you will need a graphic card with the same number of Display Port outputs as your setup requires.

For example, imagine you will use 8 Tile units. You can connect 4 Tile units in Daisy Chain mode, resulting in 2 branches of 4 Tile units each one, that will connect to two different Display Port outputs.

Important Note: this could not work with some graphic cards. Many of them could limit the maximum number of LCD/Monitors. You should double-check the graphic card specifications and ensure it permits the connection of the same number of Tile units you will use. Some graphic cards do not allow the connection of more than 4 LCD/Monitors even using the Daisy Chain mode. 

All the USB cables will connect directly to the computer. Here you can use USB expansion boards to expand the number of USB ports of your computer.

The following picture demonstrates an example of 8 Tile units using Daisy Chain connectivity for a brach of 4 Tile units and two Display Port connections from the graphic card to connect the two branches.

Resolution in this configuration:

As each single Tile unit has a resolution of 1920X1080, after configured the daisy chain mode, the total resolution will be multiplied by the number of Tile units you have.

On this case, you have 8 Tile units in Portrait mode (composed by 2 rows and 4 columns), which means the total resolution will be (2 times 1920) X ( 4 times 1080) = 3840 X 4320