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Set up Mosaic

If you’re building a videowall and want to merge all Tiles into one, there’s a simple way to set up the mosaic using our recommended graphic card.

Below you can find all the steps you need to take to create a videowall mosaic.

  • Make sure all Tiles orientation are in landscape in the “Display settings” options menu.

  • Go to the “Nvidia Control Panel”, select the “Set up Mosaic” option, then click in “Create new configuration”.

  • In the “Nvidia Mosaic set up” interface select the number os Tiles, the topology and the desired orientation.

  • Select all the displays you want to merge, and set the refresh rate to 60hz.

  • Arrange the Tiles in the correct/desire position, and click “Next” then “Apply”.

  • Click “Yes” to confirm you want to keep the changes.

  • Now that we’ve merged all Tiles you just need to do the “Bezel Correction” (the value is normally 24), then just click Finish.