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Using Graphic card only

Without using the Daisy Chain connection mode, you can connect each Tile unit directly to a graphic card output through the Display Port connection.

The following picture demonstrates an example of using 4 Tile units connected to 4 Display Port outputs.

Important: how many Tile units you can connect is limited by how many LCD’s/Monito’s your graphic card is capable to connect. Please verify the graphic card specifications to ensure you will be able to use the same number of Tile units you want.

Resolution in this configuration:

As each single Tile unit has a resolution of 1920X1080, after configured the daisy chain mode, the total resolution will be multiplied by the number of Tile units you have.

On this case, you have 4 Tile units in Portrait mode, which means the total resolution will be 1920 X ( 4 times 1080) = 1920 X 4320