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Displax Connect 3.5

DISPLAX CONNECT is an extensive Touch Configuration software included with every DISPLAX product.

Supported products


Previous firmware versions of the ones mentioned below are not supported

Displax Skin Ultra Firmware 2.4 to 2.6
Displax Skin Fit Firmware 2.4 to 2.6
Displax Skin Dualtouch Firmware 2.4 to 2.6
Displax CH262 Firmware 1.5
Displax CH334 Firmware 1.8
Displax CH130 Firmware 1.8


Version 3.5

[DP] Add new software Displax Painter
[DC] Replace touchtest with Displax Painter
[DC] New SensorTest UI
DC] SensorTest support to Sense/Mesh product lines
[DS] Update Service to multi-thread version
[DC] Fix Warning device in DFU
[DC] Fix Foil Health
[DS] Fix disable electrodes
[DC] Fix TUIO Button remove client
[DS] Fix TUIO reports
[DC] Change tune button from enable all to threshold
[DC|DS] Bug fixes

Version 3.4

[DC] Add support for CH130
[DC] Improvements
[DS] Add Network flood control
[DC] Add new features to launch modes
[DS] Update Service to multi-thread version
[DC|DS] Bug fixes

Version 3.3

[DC] Add Support to Displax TILE
[DC] Improvements in OR
[DC|DS] Bug fixes

Version 3.2

[DC|DS] Add support to controller CH334
[DC|DS] Add support to controller CH262
[DS] Improvements in TUIO
[DS] Improvements and advanced configuration for Object Recognition
[DC] Support Markers and Eraser representation (CH334 controller only)
[DC] Removed switch to enable/disable touches
[DC] Fix “touch disabled” warning on exit
[DC] Fix viewer fullscreen in portrait mode
[DC] Minor UI improvements
[DC|DS] Bug fixes

Version 3.1

[DC] Skin Ultra DISPLAX Infinity
[DC] New UI and core improvements
[DC|DS] Bug fixes

Version 3.0

[DS] DISPLAX Service Daemon v1.0
[DS] DISPLAX Service Communication Protocol v1.0.0
[DS] New command line interface
[DS] Network Communication
[DC] Support to DISPLAX Service Communication Protocol v1.0.0
[DC] Support to product Sense 55D
[DC] Support to product Skin Mesh 55
[DC] New Tab: DISPLAX Services remote control selection
[DC] New Tab: Tuio
[DC] Start/Stop local DISPLAX Service
[DC] New UI and core improvements
[DC] Calibration display information
[DC|DS] New Installers


Windows (64bits) 7/8/10 Download
Windows (32bits) 7/8/10 Download
macOS 10.13/10.14 Download
Ubuntu 18.04 – 64bits Download
Ubuntu 18.04 – 32bits Download
Android 5.1 or higher (APK) Previous version only
Android 5.1 or higher (Google Play) Previous version only