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This product is deprecated since 31/12/2016

RELEASE NOTE: Click on this link for more information about Windows 10 Spring Update


Windows 10 – 64bits  (driver v1.8.0.3)
Windows 10 – 32bits  (driver v1.8.0.3)
Windows 7/8 – 64bits
Windows 7/8 – 32bits
macOS 10.12
Ubuntu 16.04 – 64bits
Ubuntu 16.04 – 32bits

Supported products

Displax Skin Dualtouch Firmware 2.0 to 2.4
Displax Skin Multitouch Firmware 2.0 to 2.4


Lock/Unlock settings by requiring a pin. A pin can be set/reset. The pin is requested (login) on launch if defined
Save and load device settings (except tuio settings) Compatible with dpx-util device settings
UI changes to match the new features
Auto adjust sensitivity (in advanced tab) is off by default
–save and –restore commands now take path as argument to save a file with the device settings
Minor fixes/bug corrections