One Skin + Dual monitor (skin working with just one monitor)

When you are using a dual monitor and wish to use the Displax Skin in only one monitor, in Ubuntu, you need to execute additional steps (after completing the configuration of the Displax Skin settings) in order to associate the Displax Skin to the monitor you want the touch events to be injected.

Open a Terminal and execute the following steps:

1 – run the command  “xinput –list”

This command will show you the connected devices. We need to pay attention to the ID of the Displax Skin

2 – run the command “xrandr”,

This command will show the monitors connected to your computer.

3 –  Run the command “xinput map-to-output ID MONITOR”, to map the touchscreen to the monitor connected on the HDMI.

For example “xinput map-to-output 11 HMDI-1” where the ID = 11 (got it from the step 1) and MONITOR = HDMI-1 (got it from the step 2).

4 – As a final step, you should run this command every-time the computer reboots as Ubuntu may lose this configuration after reboot. You can put this command on the startup of Ubuntu.