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USB Extenders and Hubs

USB Extenders

There are many types of USB Extenders on the market. Depending on the cable length, be sure to choose the correct type.

The most common are:

  • Passive cables which don’t have a power adapter or repeater to boost the signal
  • Repeater cables which are usually powered allowing for longer cable lengths compared to passive cables

The operation of the Skin Ultra/Fit/DualTouch with these accessories will vary for each USB extender type. We can not attest for the proper function of the Skin products for all USB extender types, and therefore highly recommend testing the accessories before doing the final installation.

Using bad quality USB Extenders can lead to:

  • Poor touch performance
  • DISPLAX Connect to stop working
  • Noise resulting from a signal loss

If you want to use a USB extender, we recommend you choose one that is powered and has a repeater to boost the signal.

USB Hubs

The most common USB hub types are either powered or not. Similar to USB extenders, these devices may not be appropriate to use with Skin products. The  potential behavior of an incompatible USB hub is the same as for incompatible USB extenders, namely:

  • Poor touch performance
  • DISPLAX Connect stops working
  • Noise resulting from a signal loss

Again, we highly recommend testing these devices before the final installation.

If using any of these accessories, we recommend using a powered USB hub. This device has its own external power supply which will prevent impacting the power consumption of all the connected devices.

Tested Equipment

DISPLAX has tested several USB extenders and found the following to work well with DISPLAX ULTRA/FIT/DUALTOUCH:

Icron Ranger 2311 and the Lindy 15m USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable