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Applications Example

Node.js Scripts


There are scripts to use with Tuio 1.1 and Tuio 2.0 versions.

To run the nodejs scripts you will need to have node installed on your computer.

  1. Go to and download/install version 8.11.2 LTS. This node scripts where tested with this version may not work with other versions.
  2. Reboot computer
  3.  Open an windows console as Administrator (on Windows) or a Terminal on Ubuntu/macOS and install the package OSC (needed for TUIO) : npm install osc
  4.  Run dpx-tuio-1.js (for TUIO 1.1) or dpx-tuio-2.js (for TUIO 2.0). Example: node dpx-tuio-2.js

Script running example


You can download the nodejs scripts here.

C++ Console Program Example


This program made in C++ was build to output Touch and Object events coming from TUIO 1.1 version. This program works with Windows. If you need to use a different Operating System you can compile the program using Qt Creator or any other IDE/compiler.

You just need to Download, extract the files and run the “QtTUIODemo.exe”.

C++ console program running example


  • Download the program for windows here.
  • The source code made on Qt Creator here.

Other implementations

On the TUIO website you will find more examples, source code and implementations for a variety of programming languages.