DISPLAX Skin Ultra Lamination 

DISPLAX Skin Fit and Skin Dualtouch Lamination 

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    • Test Before Lamination

      Test the Touch Sensor Before Lamination
    • Remove Remaining Water

      Lamination Removing the remaining water After the lamination process, gently remove the remaining liquid using a clean, cotton, lint-free cloth (Fig.28) Fig. 28
    • Resources

      Lamination Tools and Materials Here we demonstrate how to laminate a Displax touch sensor foil on glass. Please be sure to test all touch sensor foils before lamination, as described in the previous chapter. Two people are required to perform the ...
    • Solution and Care

      Lamination Solution Mixture and Care To laminate the touch sensor onto glass, you need to prepare a liquid solution (MIX). The MIX is comprised of distilled or bottled water with 10% of Johnson's baby shampoo, i.e. for a spray bottle of 1000 ml, use ...
    • Overview

      Integration Overview A video has been created to support the integration process: ​ Note: Your product may have a different design from the one presented in this user guide and instruction video. This article assumes you already have the Touch Sensor ...