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Displax Connect 2.1

Take full control of touch detection with an unique configuration software and easily adjust all settings for your optimized touch setup.


Windows (64bits) 7/8/10 Download
Windows (32bits) 7/8/10 Download
macOS 10.12 Download
Ubuntu 16.04 – 64bits Download
Ubuntu 16.04 -32bits Download

Supported products

Displax Skin Ultra Firmware 2.0 to 2.2
Displax Skin Fit Firmware 2.0 to 2.3
Displax Skin Dualtouch Firmware 2.2
Displax Sense Firmware 1.0

Changelog – New features

Improved Layout
Responsive Design
Support for Sense Product Line
New Sensor Tool Options
Runs in safe mode on machines without OpenGL support
Support for Object Recognition in Tuio V1.1 (already available in Tuio V2.0)
New Object Recognition tags information layout (Show Angle and tag ID)
Warning in Close event Device when Touch is OFF
Enable / Disable Touches View
Enable / Disable Frame View
Change color of Frame View
Offline Help

Changelog – Improvements

Improved Object Recognition
Improved Support Tools
Support for latest Updates Platform version
New Installers Format (Mac, Windows, Linux)
Bug fixes


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